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Our selection of body treatments makes it possible to fight cellulite, form your contours, tighten your skin and make it look more radiant!

Bodywraps - KÖrperPackungen

The skin on your body needs the right care, too. Our selected body wraps moisturize, tighten, smooth, rejuvenate, calm or activate! The treatment includes a peeling to refine and a body pack to nourish your skin. You can choose from the following:

Ananas - Papaya

This tropical mixture rejuvenates, smoothens and vitalizes your skin. Pure, natural products by Pevonia Botanica are used!

Mango - Passionfruit

This fruity experience is very moisturizing, repairs and relaxes your skin. Pure, natural products by Pevonia Botanica are used!


This wrap is ideal for warmer seasons. Your skin will be refreshed, cooled and vitalized. Exclusive products by Elemis are used!


An exotic mixture of tahiti coconut and frangipani blossoms will be drizzled over your entire body. Your skin will be smooth and incredibly soft. Exclusive products by Elemis are used!

Waterlily Wrap - Aftersun

After your holiday full of extensive sun bathing your skin needs a lot of nurture. The water lily refreshes, reduces redness, calms and gives your skin the nutrients it really needs. Especially suitable after sunburn and on hot days.


Deep Cleaning for the Back

“A beautiful back can be a delight.” This is the motto of this deep cleansing treatment.45,00


Bodyscrubs - KÖrperpeelings

If you want your skin to be smooth and soft scrubs are inevitable. Dead skin cells are removed and you skin appears younger and more radiant. You can choose from the following:


Ananas - Papaya 39,00

Mango - Passionfruit39,00

MInt 39,00

Lime & Ginger35,00

Lumafirm Body Treatment

This especially moisturising anti-aging treatment consists of four steps:
an activating body elixir, a micro-release massage-gel (this innovative formula turns into oil) and a body wrap.
Finally, a body moisturiser is applied.
26 dynamic ingredients cause remarkable instant results.

Cellulitis - Aroma Wrap

An effective treatment to slim down and reduce targeted areas of the body, especially thighs, belly and buttocks! 36,00

Thalasso Therapy

The best of the sea slows the formation of cellulite, smoothes the ‘orange peel’ effect and eliminates fat deposits

read more » 68,00