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Massages relieve physical pain and alleviate the stress of everyday routine. Resolving tensions regularly increases your well-being. We have a range of massage styles and techniques from around the world to promote your health so you can really relax!

Swedish Massage

The tried and tested classic massage is always a good choice for tension or simply to relax (50min) 55,00

Full Back Massage

The best way to quickly and efficiently reduce tension on back and shoulders 20/30min 29,00/ 39,00

Aroma massage

Exclusive aromatherapy essential oils are combined with a relaxing massage. The individual scents relax or stimulate tired muscles as desired (60min)

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Pregnancy Massage

To reduce the pains of pregnancy, the pelvis, spine and shoulder-neck area of the expectant mother is massaged from a comfortable side position. With the exclusive "japanese camellia oil" from Elemis!

Connective Tissue Massage

This anti-cellulite massage strengthens and tightens skin on the thighs, hips and buttocks.
(25min) 35,00

Neck-Shoulder-Head Massage

Ideal for leaving behind the stress, noise and bustle of the day!
(15min) 20,00

Massage Wien

Thai - Aromatherapy Massage

The technique of traditional Thai massage is combined here with the relaxing scents of essential oils. Heavenly!
(60min or 90min)

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Hot Stones Massage

A massage experience with hot basalt stones (90min)

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The organs, glands and connective tissue correspond to specific foot reflex zones, which are activated by specific thumb and finger techniques. (30min)

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Oil-Salt Massage

This special feel-good massage is not only extremely enjoyable and stimulating; it is also a boon for the skin. The salt increases circulation, promotes skin metabolism, purifies, and leaves skin soft and smooth. The pleasant scent of fine essential oils also provides for deep relaxation

Four-Hand Massage

Relax while you are massaged by two therapists simultaneously. The touch of four hands makes the massage a unique experience!

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